Fixer Bulgaria has an all-in-one production services offering for foreign media organizations, freelance journalists and filmmakers who want to do projects in our country.

Bulgaria Location Scouting

Our fixers in Bulgaria have access to locations all around the country. From sandy beaches to mountainous landscapes and urban areas, Bulgaria has a pretty diverse offering, all within a few hours drive from the capital Sofia.

Crew Sourcing in Bulgaria

A lesser known fact to foreign filmmakers is the Bulgaria does have some tradition in hosting international film productions.

Our film fixers in Bulgaria can help source qualified English-speaking crew members throughout the country. From cameramen and sound engineers to creatives, we can facilitate access to the best available people.

We are also able to facilitate equipment rental in Sofia and throughout Bulgaria through partners. While we do not own the kit, our Bulgarian fixers can obtain the most convenient value for money.

Assistance in Bulgaria for Foreign Journalists

Our fixers have a good knowledge in facilitating access for journalists to Bulgarian authorities. Secondly, they can approach individual contributors and more remote communities.

Production Assistance for Commercials, TV Shoots & Film Crews

Doing commercial or TV productions in Bulgaria requires local assistance as many of the providers are less experienced n offering their services at international standards.

The Fixer Bulgaria team has extensive knowledge in setting up shoots and our local service suppliers have previously been vetted.