Fixer Bulgaria: Local Support for Foreign Journalists & Producers

Fixer Bulgaria is a small group of local media professionals with a good understanding of international productions and journalism. We offer our services to filmmakers and media people who want to produce content related to Bulgaria.

Our team is part of, a global network of trusted media people who offer hyperlocal knowledge to journalists, filmmakers and media organizations around the world.

We are able to provide most of the services related to production and media coverage.

Our Bulgarian fixers have a good knowledge of:

sourcing local crews in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv and other filming locations around Bulgaria;

production assistance (also known as “fixing”) in Bulgaria for press organizations, film/commercial crews and freelance journalists;

sorting filming permits;

general research and filming location management.

Fixer Bulgaria team is able to cover several production roles including:

Location scouting and management for TV commercials and documentaries around Bulgaria;

Production and film fixers in Bulgaria;

Production manager.

Our fixers are based in Sofia, but we can facilitate access all around Bulgaria. Therefore we have contacts in places like Plovdiv, Pleven Ruse or more difficult communities such as Stolipinovo.

References for our Bulgarian production fixers can be provided upon request. We have mostly worked with prestigious media organizations or reputable freelance journalists.

We are always happy to assist you, so please feel free to drop us a line should you aim to do press coverage, film or do a TV commercial in Bulgaria.

Production Services

General production assistance

Bulgarian production fixers acting like a one-stop-shop for foreign media.

TV commercials, corporate shoots

We can arrange casting, facilitate permits and scout locations.

Film production

Affordable solutions for documentary producers and filmmakers.

Crew sourcing & equipment rental

We can assist in hiring experienced Bulgarian film professionals.

General production knowledge

How-to, research, logistics, general production assistance.

Scouting & location permits

We can sort release forms, permits and do complete rounds of location scouting in Bulgaria.

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