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Filming in Bulgaria

Filming Made Easy
with Your Fixer in Bulgaria

Filming in Bulgaria is a wonderful experience but there are still certain considerations to take on board when you’re not native to the country. Luckily, your fixer in Bulgaria will be on hand to help you navigate any visa issues, location permits, kit rental or cultural or language barriers you may have.
While most Bulgarians speak the national Bulgarian language, it’s difficult to learn if you’re stuck in the middle of a shoot! But with Fixer Bulgaria’s specialist local team in your corner, we’ll make sure you have an easy time getting what you need, whether it’s a new camera lens or a shopska salad!

Visa for Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union since 2007, which means that citizens of another EU member state filming in Bulgaria, can do so without a visa. However, other foreign nationals will need to request either a short-stay visa or a long-stay visa. 

For the most up-to-date information about non-EU visa requirements, check the websites of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgarian Employment Agency and Border Control. These sites provide the best information on current entry rules. 

Film Permits in Bulgaria

To film any commercial production in Bulgaria you will need to request film permits through the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture or local authorities. Though Bulgaria has a more streamlined procedure for requesting permits when compared to some neighbouring countries,  the process can vary depending on project requirements and locations. The best way for you to ensure your permit requests go through without a hitch is to use our specialist fixer in Bulgaria. They can apply on your behalf, filling out all the necessary paperwork.

Special equipment
renting info

Whether you need a camera package deal, film lighting equipment or any other type of gear, you can count on our expert film fixer in Bulgaria to get you the kits and equipment that you need at local prices. Fixer Bulgaria has long-standing connections with kit rental partners across the country so you can always be sure of getting great equipment at competitive prices. We can also arrange to transport all gear to and from relevant location spots. 

Cultural facts

You might not automatically think of diversity as being a main characteristic of Bulgarian culture–but it is! Foreign filmmakers need to be sensitive to the ethnic groups and minority communities they may come across while shooting in this ancient land. Also, respecting cultural norms in historic or religious sites is a crucial aspect of that, particularly when it comes to sourcing film permits or access to locations. One way around this is to use local language support and translators provided by Fixer Bulgaria. 

Weather when filming in Bulgaria

Like most European countries, Bulgaria experiences four separate seasons. That means filmmakers have several different filming opportunities across the year. The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has a humid subtropical climate, with top summer temperatures typically around 28-30 degrees Celsius. In the winter, you can expect very cold weather along with frost and snow, especially in the high mountainous regions where temperatures can drop well below freezing – so wrap up warm for outdoor winter filming in Bulgaria!

Tax rebate in Bulgaria

As part of its efforts to promote the country as a filming destination, The Bulgarian Film Commission offers an attractive tax rebate incentive to foreign filmmakers filming in Bulgaria. However, to qualify for the rebate, which offers up to 25% of eligible expenses incurred in Bulgaria, productions must meet a minimum spending threshold, along with cultural and content requirements. We recommend you work with an experienced fixer in Bulgaria who can help you navigate these requirements to ensure you meet the criteria.

Filming in Bulgaria

Filming in Bulgaria needn’t be stressful. In fact, at Fixer Bulgaria we firmly believe that your shoots should move smoothly and swiftly. Simply by ensuring your paperwork, including visas (if you’re from a non-EU country) and film permits, are in order, along with working with a fixer in Bulgaria to book camera crews and kits, can go along way to kicking production problems to the kerb.

Taking note and being respectful of the country’s cultural diversity will also ensure you get along with the locals – and that’s half the battle won when it comes to filming in a foreign country!

But to be fully certain your filming schedule in Bulgaria happens without a hitch, get in touch with Bulgaria Fixer and we’ll assist you in putting together a meticulously organized and perfectly realized film or video production.   

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